BYM Group

BYM Group

Ladies and Gentlemen!  

BYM Group, established in 2004 in Hanoi, is one of the Oldest - Professional - Independent Investment Development - Investment Commerce & Pro International Consultant firms in Vietnam.

BYM Group includes Holding Companies: Parent Company in IPC Consultants; Parent Company in InPEL Investment Development and Parent Company in CEO Royal ForInvest Commerce. The Head Offices of companies are in Hanoi, Hochiminh City, Ha Long City, Hai Phong City, etc;  with a system of subsidiary companies, member companies and joint venture companies. This system has the durable and close-knit connection for common market, technology, capital and interest group.
The Departments of Investment Development and Investment Commerce, strong points of BYM Group, are under internationalization. The engineering Consultant has tradition and profession for years. BYM Group has wide –ranged experience and professional style in survey, engineering design consultant, investment consultant, construction management and supervision, consulting to technical assistance for national and international investing projects. BYM Group’s professional activities are diversified in the fields of: Urban zone & industrial area development; Expressway, Highway and Bridge Development; Airport and seaport; architectural & Environmental consultant; Real estate development, Sea economic development, and Foreign direct investment.
With the philosophy: “Adding Interest - Connecting Success”, BYM Group determines to build a new model BYM Organization in the whole holding corporation. The Corporation is orienting to build a Team who are professional in Consultancy, master in Investment Development and be a perfect Partner in international commerce in order to grow high value for BYM Group and community, maximization of profit for company’s shareholders and partners in the joint venture, contribute to building a prosperous country and bring the prosperity and good condition to the development of all members.
BYM Group with five external relations points of views for establishing and building a System of partners as: Create a deep change in cooperation; set up a harmonious partner system; develop together; share responsibility and active, enthusiastic participate with all matters of the Joint venture. We have been cooperated with many investors, with foreign and domestic consulting firms and receive very high appreciations from Clients.
We commit and believe that BYM Group shall do our best role and responsibility to mobilize and use high professional experts, provide best human resources as well as best management for projects that we’ll invest and perform.
BYM Group always strives for a leading position in Investment Development - Investment Commerce and Construction Consultant.
Mr. Vu Hoang
Chairman/ President & CEO
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