Công ty du lịch Aurora Travel

Công ty du lịch Aurora Travel

For over the past 6 years, Aurora Travel has been doing its best to define a new standard of luxury travels in Indochina and rarely have there been more exciting times for our company. The Aurora Travel Team is made up by the country’s youngest and best educated generation who has grasped valuable knowledge and is very eager to create majestic travel experiences for their customers.

As some of you are aware I was privileged to be participating in a week long course in the Netherlands in 2009 where I had a chance to exchange my knowledge and experience with CEOs from all over the world and more significantly, to learn from them. In addition, it offered me way deeper insights into the Europeans’ travel needs and future trends.

The year of 2009 just elapsed – it was a year of difficulties possibly for any companies and industries but it also demonstrated that the Indochinese nations will continue to engage more and more travelers. In 2010, in addition to our traditional partnerships in the United States, Australia and Asia, we are setting our hearts at the EU market which is expected to be among the most important tourism generating regions. 

I would also like to take this chance to report that we are continuing to achieve record customer service scores with the overwhelming majority of guests saying they would use our service whenever they come back to Indochina and recommend us to their friends.

I hope you find our website easy to use and informative - please take a look at our ‘Destinations’ section for detailed information about your places of interest and contact our moderators for log-in ID and password in order to become a beneficiary of our confidentially competitive rates on all services. Also, take a look at our Blog at the ‘Useful links’ on the bottom left hand side where you will find regular news and updates.

Since our foundation in 2003, we have established an enviable reputation for providing exclusive private tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand with the very best service and for the most memorable journeys. Whether you are a regular Aurora Travel guest, agent or someone who is yet to experience our service, I do hope you are able to travel with us very soon and I hope we get the chance to meet one day.

Yours sincerely,

Nguyen Do Mai Anh – General Director

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